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Nov 26, 2012
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Middle Tennessee
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Does anyone here know about fencing?

I just bought 2 acres in a prime location: in town; view of the river; within a mile of Walmart, Bank, Grocery Store, Co-op, Park, School, etc. I won it at auction this past week (the wife is so excited!). The only issue that I have is that the guy that bought the 2 other prime tracts on either side of me is a big time real estate developer who builds apartments and town houses. I assume that is what his plans are here as well. I was actually hoping to have houses on either side of me, but that may not work out.

Anyway, while the developer is building, I don't want him hauling his trucks and equipment across my property and I was thinking about some sort of semi-temporary fencing to put in place. I won't be building really soon, about a year or two from now, so I am not looking for a permanent solution until I have a house plan in mind and can put up a permanent fence to match the home. I am thinking about metal stakes with wire, but was wondering if there would be a better or cheaper solution that I may not have considered. This only has to last about 2 or 3 years and will not be housing animals, just keeping the developer from using my yard as a shortcut/encroaching on the property boundaries.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!!
I would say metal fence poles and barbless wire should do.. with signs of course. Easy to put up... and you can rent a stretcher, and a pole hammer for almost nothing. You might check local zoning to see if they have any requirements...
En Garde!
Good call on the zoning. I will have to look into that for sure. This land has a lot of restrictions from the city as they want it to be a nice neighborhood. I think I have some family that actually own a pole driver, so that would not be an issue. When you say stretcher, do you mean a wire stretcher? I hadn't thought about that step - thanks for pointing that out.
On a serious note, Walk your property and take date stamped photos. That way if you don't put up a fence and they do knock down a tree or rut up your yard you have evidence to get them to pay for the damage.

Also contact the construction company and be clear about no going on your property. But if you also want to make some quick money rent your property out for material and equipment laydown.
But if you also want to make some quick money rent your property out for material and equipment laydown.

Oooohhh, that would be ideal!

If you are considering that; you need to get a written contract that spells out exactly the conditions of use, when they may and may NOT use the property, when they have to vacate, and the final condition of the property upon vacating. Get your lawyer to draw it up, not his.

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