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May 10, 2007
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Slapamonkey, New York
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This is the beginning of a photographic series Titled "Film is Dead" I have been considering doing for some time. The premise of the series is the untimely death of film to ultimately tell a story of murder and betrayal shot entirely on 35mm film.

Titled "The Accident"

Taken with Canon FD 135mm f/2.8 through Vivitar close up filter on Canon EF with Kodak ASA 400 BWCN film.
I like it. You might try darkening, or making the car a little more dark and grainy so its not so sharp. You might get more of a feeling of a real accident.
I actually went through and reduced the visibility of the grain in this one considerably because it was interfering with the visibility of the texture of the road surface. I put a lot of thought into that road surface and still missed due to the texture being a touch too fine and the narrow DoF. With all that thought I wasn't about to loose it so grain reduction was my solution to separate the road surface texture from the rest of the photo.
What a fantastic concept! I think this is a simply fantastic idea! It's an idea I have not heard of or seen before, which is a rare thing this far into the history of photography.
The idea struck me back in 2007. I went out and set up a scene in my back yard of a cassette that had been assassinated by ninja and the body left. When I got that photo back from processing the idea began to expand and by the time I posted that photo here in December of 2007 I had half a dozen ideas for the series. However the series never took off as a number of factors interfered such as a boycott on Fuji color processing in Albany, prop issues, getting married, having kids to name a few. This one I sat down a couple months ago and forced it into existence, I set the shot up and spent half a roll of Kodak BWCN just to get the ball really rolling on this series. Now that I have the ability to process my own film the issue of props and processing is taken care of so I should be able to work this one out and get somewhere on it.
I like the idea, sounds like kind of a cool concept. I just hope in the end we don't find out the butler did it cause boy that would be a huge let down.

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