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Jul 15, 2008
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Ontario, Canada
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Please enjoy.
I'm sure that other folks will offer more definitive critiques, but I really enjoy looking at this image.

It is always difficult to judge at small scale, even on a large calibrated monitor, but I think I would print this one large and hang it in a prominent place. But then, that's just my my opinion.

i will enjoy, thank you :)
nice shot, i like the composition a lot and the bits of reflection in the water
was this converted to infrared? the grass/ground is a bit harsh
i might crop out the foreground a bit...just a thought
nicely done :)
I find that less is often more with landscape images. I love the simplicity of this. Very striking photo. I think a large print of this would look great too.

Marc, woojiebear and daithi thankyou for your comments.
This image was shot using a Hoya R72 Ir filter and converted to B&W.
I almost always like your photos and this is no exception.

Nitpick: Your name is what my eye keeps being drawn back to. I understand the reasons for putting one's name on a photograph but you might consider doing it in a way that doesn't make the name a significant visual element.
Great contrast.
I especially like this simply composition which works very well, and this stream leading our eye to the three
Wonderful image! I do not believe this photo could be improved upon.

Dan O. De Ment
I see absolutely nothing to improve here from my eye-point, would love to see it framed in a large size.

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