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Nov 9, 2008
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Pictures are Here!

Voting lasts for 2 days, ending at 8:00PM EST on Tuesday.

Voting is as follows:

1. [Topic] - [Screen name of person for whom you are voting]
2. [Topic] - [Screen name of person for whom you are voting]
etc etc etc

The topics were as follows:

1. Hands

2. Like clockwork

3. Face

4. Minute

5. Alarm

Important: Please make sure user names are spelt fully and correctly! It makes tallying the votes much easier. Thanks!
I guess too much easter going on....

1. Hands - leigthal
2. Like clockwork - mooimeisie
3. Face - Hoser
4. Minute - mooimeisie
5. Alarm - mooimeisie
1. Hands Hoser

2. Like clockwork Defy

3. Face Mooimeisie

4. Minute Mooimeisie

5. Alarm Mooimeisie
1. Hands- mooimeisie
2. Like clockwork- mooimeisie
3. Face- defy
4. Minute- hoser
5. Alarm- mooimeisie
Well, 4 participants and 4 voters... I know it was Easter weekend, but still, that's low by any measure.

On to the winners:

Congrats to mooimeisie, coming in first with 9 points!

In second was Hoser, with 6 points

And pulling into third was Defy, with 4 votes.

The categories:
1. Hands - Hoser (2 votes)
2. Like Clockwork - Defy and mooimeisie (2 votes)
3. Face - Hoser (2 votes)
4. Minute - Hoser and mooimeisie (2 points)
5. Alarm - mooimeisie (3 points)

Thanks to those who played on the holiday, and an extra thanks for those who showed up to vote! See you next week, and let's start sending out the truancy notices!
Thanks to everyone who made it into this week's fight club and thanks to everyone who voted (and voted for me). I know it was hard to find the time on Easter Sunday. Hopefully everyone will be back at it next week.
Yeah....second place. Sure there were only 4 entrants, but I'm not looking at it that way. :lmao:

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