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Aug 15, 2006
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washingtonia filifera - California fan palm
fantastic light. nice.
Really nice colors. Looks like one of those tiki gods or something to that nature. The vignetting helps to isolate/draw attention to the subject.
did you use a filter on this?

Great picture. I love the density of the colors and contrast between the palm tree itself and the sky behind it.

Thank you!

No filter, but I find HDR really gives me the look I'm after so far.

I do use a circular polarization filter on most of my shots using my 18-135mm kit lens. This was shot with a sigma 10-20mm which I haven't any goodies for yet.
nice pic...newb question, what's HDR?!??!!??!

Basically combining multiple exposures into one image. In this case, 5 exposures were combined, two overexposed, two underexposed and one right on. The merging was done with a program called photomatix and the resulting .tif post processed in Photoshop CS2. You may want to search the site here a bit for more information- search for High Dynamic Range or HDR, There have been countless threads on the subject. Maybe someone can post a link to one of them.

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