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Dave Maciak

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Jul 9, 2020
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Loaded a 40 something year old FM with film, attached a 40 something Nikkor, put in a new battery for the meter. Like it was brand new. Have not yet had the film processed but positive the exposures are fine. Back in the middle 80's I traveled to Pakistan with it, used Ektachrome, all beautiful images and no fiddling with a computer to get everything "just right."
I put the FM in my bag along with the D780; both great rigs.
Lately I've been shooting more film than digital, I just really enjoy it.
Did you use 40 year film?
Did you use 40 year film?

I used whatever was available based on where I was. Don't remember the expiration date, probably close to or over the date. Had 10 or 12 rolls waiting to get processed when I returned to the States. Had scans made from several
I shoot digital only if I have to. My freezer is full of various films, both 35 and 120.

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