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Oct 30, 2007
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Wellington, New Zealand
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What happens if you load a new film into your camera but forget to change the speed setting on the camera? I did this - loaded a 400 film and left the speed setting on 200 :banghead: luckily I realised after only aboutn 4 shots - but are those 4 shots lost now?

Thanks everyone :)
"...are those 4 shots lost now?"

I doubt it. If it was negative film then they should be fine at one stop over - in fact if it is colour negative they might be better than those exposed at 400. If it is reversal (slide) then they might be a bit blown out. It depends a lot on the subject and how you meter.

ya I forgot to say...
if it's c-41, you'll be set...they will be perfectly fine (if you normally expose properly anyways.
Fingers crossed I exposed them properly!! It it the same picture, with different apeture settings - I am trying to get used to exposing them properly, a lot of mine are coming out wrong, and it's frustrating, so thought I would try a few different ones, make note of the settings, and do a bit of trial and error. Think I need to buy a light meter.

Thanks everyone for your help :)

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