Filming in the full moonlight?

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Apr 14, 2009
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Kalispell, MT
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So basically what I'm wanting to do is make a video of longboarding down a mountain road in only moon light. Speeds on this road are around 50-60 miles per hour so basically I need to find a camera that can capture video in that low of light. It's surprisingly bright for 1 in the morning but given my photo experience I know bright to the human eye and bright to a camera are very different things. If you can help or make suggestions in any way I would be forever appreciative.
In 10 years we might have a camera that can do it...but not very well yet. One Vimeo there's a test of multiple d-slrs in low light. Currently, the Nikon D3s does the best low-light video...better than 35mm motion picture film cameras or smaller-sensor video cameras. The people who did the comparison were Hollywood directors and directors of photography, and the testing was done under the auspicies of the folks at Zacuto. They have several short comparison films on-line. BUT moonlight at 1 AM...I dunno...that's very dim light for a longboarder rollin' at over 40 MPH...
What about a non-SLR? Like an actual Sony HD camera with a larger image sensor?

Here's a daytime video of the type of filming it will be

Munkaes eat Lemmons for Breakfast!! the video is in the link I just can't embed from my phone.

Do you by chance have a link to the video of that comparison?
I'd rather it not be that green night vision type film but if it needs to be then we might try it.

Edit: what would infra red do?
Will infra red lens work at night?
Should work fine, assuming you have an IR light source to illuminate the scene... But then, why not use 'regular' light?

Either way, I think it will ruin the 'moonlight' look. If you really want it to look like moonlight, I don't think adding lights is the answer...
Additional lighting isn't an option for two reasons. I want it to look like moonlight and we can't see the road when there are lights on us, it gets rid of our adjusted "night vision".
I think that's a wonderful idea. Moonlight is so beautiful and it will add something special to your pictures

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