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Dec 30, 2007
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What are the filters good for? What kind of shots?
Filters help to make a photo that much better, or help you achieve a special effect. Polarizing filters are used to reduce/diminish glare or to make the sky a little bluer. Neutral density filters will make the picture darker, which will allow you to use longer exposure times. Hope I helped, not much of an expert.
there's plenty of diffrent filters.
colours, warming/cooling, polarizing, UV, protection, haze, neutral density...graduated versions of most filters...
soft focus, star filter...

maybe be more specific about which one you're interested in.
Like i have a 58mm filter what would that be good for?
You still are not specifying what type of filter you have. What does it say on the side of the filter?
do you have a filter? Or do you have a lens that has a 58mm filter size?

Tell us what the filter does...we'll tell you what it's purpose is and what it's for.

Or is it an ebay filter with nothing on it?

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