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another flash question


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Jan 10, 2008
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Hi - I'm new here (introduction posted over in the introductions forum). I am the proud new owner of a Canon 40D.

I am flash shopping. I want something that will be powerful enough, in the future, to shoot indoor action...specifically, indoor horse shows. I've been told the speedlite 580 (or the older 550) might be my best bet...would the 430 not be enough? In these situations I'd mostly be standing about 30-50' from the subject, which would be moving at a moderate rate of speed.

A bit dumb on the indoor flash stuff, so any advice appreciated!

Are you sure you're allowed to use a flash in that situation?
well, what's the guide numbers? they'll tell you exactly.
thanks Sw1tchFX. Duh. Told you I'm new at this, and haven't done much flash work since my college days. A long time ago.

As to the question on the horses, absolutely flash is used at indoor shows. I grew up showing and can definitely attest to that! The horses are used to it and don't bat an eye. The show photographer is center ring and takes photos during the competition, and gets still and 'victory pass' photos of the winner as well. Flash used for all, and usually an assistant with a mirror, pompom or other 'attention getter' to get the ears forward and expressive.

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