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Jan 10, 2008
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I have a 40D and three lenses in my bag (so far :sexywink:) - the kit lens (17-85mm f4-5.6), a "magic drainpipe" (80-200mm f2.8) and a 50mm f1.8. The three take filter sizes of 67mm, 72mm and 52mm respectively.

I'm kind of hoping to economize on filters a bit and use step up or step down rings. As I am unfamiliar with these for the most part, which do you think would work best, buying smaller filters or larger filters with this range of lenses? I'm a bit lost here. Only filter I have thus far is a 67mm UV. I would rather buy one GREAT circ polarizer, for example, than economize and buy more than 1, if I could...

Thanks in advance. New to all this stuff and a bit confused, as usual. :)

it's better to go big and step down.
Yes, it's much better to get a big filter and step down.

If you do it the other way, and use small filters, you will get vignetting or worse. Imagine a 52mm filter on a lens with a 72mm front :er:
hey, thanks! I was thinking that might be the case. 72mm filters it is! Now to find the perfect circular polarizer...
Sideburns, that is what I have heard.

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