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Jul 10, 2011
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Lafayette IN
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Hello everyone! Up for sale are some filters that I have come across recently and would like to sell. Some need some minor cleaning, but they are all scratch free and void of anything that could affect the picture quality. The large majority come with a box and case. Only about 7 are without a box. I'd like to sell them all in a lot, but I'm willing to piece them out filter by filter if you buy more than one. There are close to 80 filters in total. I am asking $80 OBO. If pieced out individually, I'd like $1.50 per filter, minimum purchase of 2. If you purchase the whole lot, I will throw in a hard case that holds all the filters. I can provide individual pictures of filters on request immediately. I'm looking forward to talking with you soon! Thank you!

Tiffen Filters

(5) 49mm 812
(6) 48mm Sky 1-A
(1) 48mm Purple FL-D
(1) 49mm Split-field
(1) 49mm Diffusion #2
(1) 48mm 11 Green 1
(1) 67mm ND 0.6
(1) 48mm 25 Red 1
(1) Photar ND 0.9 Series 7
(1) 46mm ND 0.6
(2) 48mm 12 Yellow 1
(1) 46mm Screw In 11 Green 1
(1) 49mm FL-B
(1) Photar ND 0.3 Series 7
(1) 48M 80B
(1) 46mm 80A
(1) SF-46M FL-D

Soligor Filters

(2) 40.5mm 80B Blue
(1) 43mm YA3
(2) 48mm G
(1) 46mm 23A
(2) 48mm CRS
(1) 46mm 81A
(1) 48mm 25 AIR
(2) 40.5mm 85B
(1) 48mm SFT
(1) 46mm X-1

Hoya Filters

(2) 48mm Yellow Y(K2)
(1) 39mm 81B
(1) 39mm Blue 80B
(1) 39mm 82A
(1) 35.5mm Red (25A)
(1) 48mm UV
(1) 39mm G(X1)

Vivitar Filters

(1) 46mm Yellow No.8 (K2)
(1) 77mm VMC UV-HAZE
(1) 58mm Med. Yellow K-2
(1) Polarizing Filter Ser. V 2X-4X

Misc. Filters

(2) Camrex 36mm Bayonet Yellow
(1) Camrex Skylight 1A
(3) Olympus 35.5mm Skylight (1A)
(5) Off-brand 40.5mm Diffusion (supposedly for an Olympus 330mm zoom)
(1) Ednalight R-1 23A Lt. Red
(1) Enteco Series 7 Polarizer
(1) UGC 43mm 1A
(2) Minolta 43mm Orange 85
(3) Yashica 30mm Bayonet 1A
(3) Telesar 48mm Yellow (Y2)


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May 3, 2006
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bummer, they're all too small, and I don't need a yellow filter for my 50mm.


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Feb 12, 2011
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Great White North
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Darn, minimum 2 purchase! I just need the 67mm for my 18-135 canon :( I guess the shipping to Canada would kill as well...unless it fits in an envelope as a large letter ?

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