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Apr 15, 2008
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I inherited my late uncle's cameras and accessories, and haven't a need for most of the misc. bits.
Preferred payment by USPS M.O. Shipping within 5 days (full time student...), via USPS priority mail flat rate, $5.20 for a small box (fits several filters)
Most will need some light cleaning, but are otherwise in good condition. For more information, or to buy please email me, [email protected]

48mm $3 each
Aroma 48mm Skylight 1A

49mm $4 each
Ambico Skylight
Hoya Skylight 1B

52mm $3 each
Hoya Cross Screen
PRO Cross Screen
Vivitar Cross Screen
Tiffen 4 Point 1mm Star
Star D Rainbow
Hoya Soft Spot
Hoya Y (K2) Yellow
Hoya O Orange
Hoya 80B (convert 3400K to 5500K)
Canon 52mm Haze-1

52mm $5 each
Hoya HMC Skylight 1B

52mm $8 each
Nikon L1A
Nikon L37

55mm $4 each
Hoya 85B (convert 5500K to 3400K)
Promaster Spectrum 7 Green

55mm $10
B+W Yellow

58mm $4 each
Hoya HMC Skylight 1A
Hoya Skylight 1B (not marked HMC, but coated)

62mm $5 each
2-Ambico UV
Ambico Syklight
Promaster Spectrum 7 1A

Set of 4 B+W 62mm Black and White Contrast filters, consists of 022 yellow, 040 orange, 060 green and 090 red, $65 for the set.

67mm $5 each
Ambico UV

72mm $5 each
Hoya UV (not marked HMC, but coated)

Free w/any other items

Set of 4 Franka Creative Filters (no adapter)
3-misc 55mm UV filters w/scratches (free w/any other items)
62mm Toshiba Lin. PL (has a few v. small scratches, free w/any other items)
62mm Ambico Lin. PL (has a few v. small scratches, free w/any other items)
52mm Prinz 3 image Radial
52mm Prinz 3 image Vertical

Minox lens hood (31mm slip on) $15
Rollei Bayonet III lens hood (good user) and coated UV and Yellow filter, in leather case $75
Makinon 2x converter (Nikon AI) with removable element to convert to macro tube $5

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