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Nov 24, 2009
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What are your thoughts on Polarized filters. Do they really make that much difference in the intensity of colors? Just wondering.
They can make a difference in landscape photos for the sky and water. It depends on where the light is in relation to where you're standing in how well they work.

Put on a pair of polarized sun glasses and you'll see what kind of effect the filter will have.
Short answer: yes, they do make a noticeable difference.
Short answer: yes, they do make a noticeable difference.
Yes, I agree.

And - they are one of the few filters who's effect absolutely cannot be simulated in PP. You just have to do it in camera for some things...

Blue skies - yeah, you could do that part in PP. Not the glare removal though.
I have one for each lens and love them.
You know you can take it off and put it on another lens, right? :sexywink:

Most people buy one at the biggest size they need, and get adapter rings to make it work on smaller lenses.
Not just colours, reflections, specular highlights, contrast. Polarising is more than just cranking the saturation to 11.

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