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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by supraman215, Oct 27, 2008.

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    I talked on here a while ago about starting a business of digital scanning, and after a couple of years, a baby, etc. it's finally going to start, I ordered the scanner Epson V750 pro. I got a lot of help and advice from people on this forum and I wanted to thank everyone.

    I am going to be doing digital scanning of old negatives and prints that most people have in their basements or attics. My goal is to do this locally only. I don't want to grow the business too much, I just want to make some cash on the side. My target demographic will be people in their 40's and up that have a lot of old family photos that want to preserve them digitally as well as have the ability to easily duplicate and share them. My basic pitch will be #1 negatives and prints don't last forever, and can be easily damaged by a fire or flood and gone forever. #2 you'll have the ability to share and copy your own photos, etc. #3 will be selling myself. the key will be that I will offer local pickup and drop off. Realizing that most people won't want to send their photos in the mail to someone they don't know.

    Right now I don't have a website which I don't think will hurt me too much right now but I may put a simple one together if someone asks. I have a simple presentation, handout, and small flier.

    Almost forgot, my prices are $0.50/print up to 4x6, and $0.25 per negative/slide. I think those are fairly competitive. They certainly blow any local shop out of the water and they are close to other online services.

    Thoughts, suggestions?


    P.S. To the pros: I will not be scanning any wedding albums etc. and obeying any copyright associated with what I think is a professional print.


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