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Feb 1, 2009
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Today I decided to support my local photography store and picked up Wein Safe Sync adapter with 15' PC cord. Hopefully tomorrow USPS will bring Wein Safe Slave adapter and sometime next week Bogen 3086 light stand will be at my door step.
I have one girl lined up who agreed to pose for me. Already have one location in mind and just saw another one. First location is an old naval station. Second location is a church that was built probably around 1800's. It has brick arches and I'm tempted to experiment with glow sticks behind the arches for some interesting light effects.
After that, I'm thinking of getting a book on portraits and poses...that should get me ready for a real photo shoot with an actual model (will hire one). Should have some pictures by next weekend. :mrgreen:
I got my parts for the flash, with exception of the light stand. I hooked up the Safe Sync to the camera with PC connection pointing in same direction as the lens. Attached the Safe Slave to my flash with the glass/clear plastic pointing in same direction as the head. I tried taking few practice shots and nothing happens. Flash doesn't fire. Then I was able to get it to fire right after I turn on the flash, it would do it in manual and ETTL modes. But only once. Then all controls lock up, and flash doesn't fire. Not sure what can be the cause of this. I checked my flashes owners manual and it didn't say anything.
Just in case if I haven't said this before, but my camera is Rebel XT and flash is Speedlite 430EX.

So anyone have any ideas why the flash doesn't fire?

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