Finding happiness


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May 16, 2013
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This is confusing because there are lots of things that I can't understand about the content.
What's the stuff on the left?
Why the BP cuff?

It must be important and part of themesssage but what it is and why isn't clear.

Technical stuff is fine.
I agree with Lew.. the Title is not apparent within the image.
I'll take a guess; he's in hospital, wired and tubed up to the max but still managing to look happy?
He is going through dialysis. He tries to pretend he doesn't mind it but he is always exhausted.
I like the expression but I agree with the others.
I just felt like calling it that for personal reasons I suppose. I went with him and watched him go through the dialysis, while listening to him talk and explain why he goes through it three times a week, it just sounded like he tried to find the good things about it even though he is always exhausted and hates being there. To me the title makes sense.
how does this not say "finding happiness"? he is strapped to a machine in a hospital but he still manages to crack a smile.

I think it says that just fine.

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