Finnish lappland dogs


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Jan 11, 2008
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My friend dogs Kita and Ruka

Lapponian herder Kita:


Finnish lapphund Ruka:


I agree, great looking dogs and the photos are well done.
Lovely dogs and great pics:thumbup:
Thanks very much for your comments. :lovey:

Here is another picture, it is lapponian herder Halo:


Great dogs really really but I wanna say that watch the depth of field coz it's a little dangerous IMO as it is. Back down to f8-f11
^ Thanks, I try to noticed that next time, it is the same thing which has been on my mind. :)

Here is one lhasa apso puppy, Vili, should I crop the picture different way, or do I leave it like this, it's a bit on the right, i know now.. :)


Edit: Couple pictures more



Great pics again!
The dogs are so cute.
Love these doggy pics!!! I was struck by the 'poses' of the dogs in the first set you posted...they look like the headshot poses of business people on website/brochures etc. (if you know what I's the positioning and eye contact that has an almost human element to it) :lol:

The lhasa is just tooooo adorable!!!
I have a lhasa and remember when he was that tiny. Super cute!

Love the first set of shots you posted, great work. LOVE the eye contact, better than I can get from humans sometimes.
first one could be a little more saturated, i like how he/she looks like they are smiling!
Few pictures more.

Lapponian herder Virna:

I was supposed to take that awful scratch from bottom, but I ofcourse forgot it.

Her mother, Lapponian herder Armi:



Lapponian herder Sirna:

and Lapponian herder Janka:

them both:


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