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Aug 16, 2010
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Hello all, my name is Jess McGlothlin, owner of Fire Girl Photography. I specialize in editorial and outdoor adventure photography. Typically based in Montana, I am currently in south Texas on long-term assignment.

You can view my blog at and my portfolio at Zenfolio | Fire Girl Photography. My websites are soon-to-be under revision but I would love to have some feedback - it is always appreciated!

I'm looking forward to being a part of the community!
Thanks for the welcome, all. I'm excited to be here connecting with other photogs. Critiques / thoughts are always very appreciated!

Just as an explanation, Fedaykin, I wanted a business name that was not simply my name. (Plus my last name is rather long for people to grasp without pen and paper, it would seem.) Fire Girl seems to stick in people's minds...

Fire Girl Photography
Fire Girl Photography, The outdoor photography of Jessica McGlothlin.
Outdoor and Equine Photography

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