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Aug 16, 2010
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Hi! My name is Amber. Obviously new to the forum and hoping to learn a thing or two here.

I am the 2nd oldest in a family with 8 kids. 6 of the monsters have been adopted. I am residing in Wisconsin with my Significant Other (Don) and my furry babies. (2 cats - Madge and Maebel and 1 dog- Mina (on a side note we DID NOT plan for their names all to be M's LOL)) Mina is my Lab Husky German Shephard Mix and a mama's girl.

I have been taking pictures most my life. Though in the last 2-3 years I finally have some direction(thanks to my Significant Other). I am shooting with a Canon Digital Rebel XTI and have 3 lenses 18-55mm Canon Kit Lens, Tamron 28-80 Wide Angle. and Tamron 70-300mm Telephoto/macro so far. Working on getting some more, and upgrading the body as well.

Don (My S/O) Purchased my XTI for me as a christmas present. Previous to that I was using a 2.3 mp sony point and shoot. Taking pictures aimlessly and to no end. Once I got my new best friend wrapped up in pretty paper I dont think I could have been happier that day.

Since Christmas I have been taking more serious pictures and have been growing in my ability. I havent had any class training, its pretty much learning from the web. I would LOVE to go to school to learn some of the things I havent yet , though funds are really tight. Perhaps someday.

Don and I have made a small side Job business out of doing portraits and such and its all slow going, usually 1-2 people per month. And it usually ends up being family or friends for the most part. Good thing is, we know alot of people so it helps.

I am hoping I can learn alot on here, or even at times add my two sense. Theres alot I dont know, and I hope theirs atleast some wisdom I could share.

I look forward to meeting some of you on here and ofcourse I love looking at other peoples work!

Have a good one!


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