Fire spinning and some other oddities(c&C please!)


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Jul 28, 2011
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Atlanta, Georgia
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A few shots from the last week or so. Looking for any c&c!



#2 - found this little guy on the tracks. He was sunbathing, looked so happy!


I had the opportunity to shoot a fire-spinner, was awesome but I had a hard time exposing so the flames weren't always blown out. I used manual and increased my ISO as the flame got dimmer, still tough to shoot on-the-fly though. What could I have done to get better exposure?





#5 - my favorite of the bunch...


Any and all c&c is appreciated thanks! :mrgreen:
I like the fire spinning shots, I'm sure that you could bring more out in post. I like #4 the best of the set, the blue color, his 6!
I'd like to comment on #1. I like the composition and it's an interesting shot. It's messing with my head too... it feels like it's leaning to the right but all of the horizontals and verticals are true. The only thing I can think of is the wall on the right is picking up the reflection whereas the area on the left is mostly dark. Whatever it is, it is keeping the image from being balanced. Not necessarily a bad thing.
#1 would have been a roaring success if there were some -minimal- front light for the character in the figure....
#3 & #4 are fantastic

Regards :D

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