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Aug 8, 2010
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So here is my first attempt at a diptych, im not sure how i feel about it really, i literally started using photoshop elements last week, so my editing may be a little off, i notice the noses don't line up perfectly. Anyway, let me know what u think or how i can improve, thanks guys!

Diptych 1-
Diptych 1 by Dr.Mantis Toboggan, on Flickr

-Nick :thumbup:
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I was unfamiliar with the term, so I googled it. It seems to be that it's common for the two images to have a gap between them. I think it helps our mind see past the differences when they aren't directly against each other:


I also thought they were a little too warm. Just some thoughts.
LCARSx32 i agree with you on both accounts. i was trying to add a break between the photos and a border around but my photoshop skills are very limited, after looking at your edit i see that they are a little warm. Im gonna make those edits today. This is for a photo challenge on gizmodo so i have to make the edits myself, but thanks a lot for the tips!

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