First attempt at MotoX!


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Mar 20, 2009
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Kelowna, B.C.
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I think they are great shots, again I esp like the first one. Did you use a tripod for these shots or is your panning handheld?
thanks, i think i like the 1st one the best too...
lower as in shooting from down to up more?
i didn't use a tripod - just handheld panning
it was my first try ever at panning hah
I really like... you might try a more head on shot to capture facial expressions... just a thought.
Awesome photos and panning. The local track opens up next week and practice is free to go to, so I plan to try my hand at motocross. Have to wait until the kids are out of school though, too much homework to get out.

I like #1 and the last. #1 is a great action shot. It's unfortunate of the sun's position. The last one is great panning, great framing, and the light direction is great. That's a nice sharp shot of the rider with the panning.

I haven't done any panning stuff like this except with my kid racing by me on her bicycle. Can't wait to get to the track.
thanks everyone :)

gsgary - thanks for the example photos! they're great and very effective indeed :)

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