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first attempt at raw and converted to jpeg


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Nov 5, 2008
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Warwickshire UK
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c n c please


am i missing something? i see people say things like "how do you convert raw to jpg" all the time in here... all you do is open the raw and convert it to jpg.. (save as or export) its no big deal, nothing to say "this is the photo i converted from raw to jpg"

maybe you meant to say that its a BW conversion... I'm not really sure...
ok but i have never done it b4, just like some c n c pls
The first image looks okay...good B&W conversion (contrast is good), image appears to be sharp, composition is sort of okay (what is the subject?)...would have liked to see the color version.

The second image has something weird going on in it...lots of haloing going on and some weird blurring of the grass blades (only some, not all...was it windy?)...image seems more dull/bland than the first one.
the tree, just trying stuff close to home. it was very windy yes. The tiff files r much better when i view them on my monitor.

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