First attempt with new nikon.


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Aug 18, 2010
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Miami, Fl.
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ok total newbie here , this is a picture i took yesterday . any feedback , good, bad , horrendous !! lol thanks !

nikon d90
Aper: f/5
shutter: 1/10
EB: 3.67
Lens: nikkor 18-55mm

LOVE love LOVE the shot. However, the sink being cut off at the bottom is distracting me. Is this a cropped version that you can redo?

Aside from that, I love all the lines leading to the sink and your composition is great.

Thanks for such a quick response and im glad you liked the shot . To be honest did not even notice i had cutoff the sink !!! will pay more attention next time lol !thanks again .
Looking at it again, it's not even that big of a deal. In fact, I tried to imagine it not cut-off and it might just be better like this.

Even if it isn't perfect, I'm sure someone with a more trained eye than mine will point out something, I think it shows real potential for you. There are so many leading lines that the train in the background doesn't even distract me. I think this is an awesome image and you should give yourself a big hug for me. :hug::

Excuse the enthusiasm, I'm pulling an all-nighter with Photoshop.
Nice shot.
I don't think cutting off the sink was a big deal. I would like to see more of the window frame. I CRAVE IT. ;) Perhaps panning the camera to the left a wee bit.
Nice shot. Try crouching diwn just a little to get a better view out of the window. Also, try leveling the shot more. seems slightly off kilter.
Thanks for all the positive feed back guys as well as all the tips . I took this shot from an adjacent train's bathroom , im a big guy and did not have a lot of room to maneuver around , next time i will try to position myself more carefully ! thanks again !
I think the shot looks good, just me but I think if you were to lower the camera a little it'll really make it pop.
The shot itself is great. Although it doesn't do much for me, I also think it's a misconception beginners have about "cutting off part of an image" It all depends on the photo, the subject :) Welcome to the forum!

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