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Nov 20, 2021
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I am new and yesterday I bought nikon d90 second hand. With 18-105 lens on it. When i try focusing from visor, it focuses noiseless and fast. But then i push Lv button, after that lcd activated and then lens don't focus speedy and lots of bad sounds comes from lens trying to focus but can not do easily. Maybe 5-6 seconds later can focus. If I shot down Lv it becomes normal. Speedy and sounds little. What can I do?
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Thanks in advance.
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Very personally, I never use the Lv feature so I did not experience
your problem. However, I can imagine AF not being comfortable
in this mode since the mirror is up — thus impairing AF function.
Live view uses a completely different focusing system, and on a camera that old, you just need to stay away from it. Repeat after me: "Live view does not exist. Live view does not exist."

If you have to try to shoot video, then you actually do need live view. You should switch your lens to manual focus. to do that.

Why is the system different? The normal AF system lives in the top of the camera, off of the pentaprism. In live view, that area is dark because the mirror is raised to expose the sensor. The normal AF system is not functional in live view, and focus is decided by a completely different algorithm on the sensor itself, and it's neither fast nor accurate, and hunts a LOT.

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