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Aug 19, 2010
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My first attempt at a Black and White photo.
just say what you think.
I don't like the the awkwardness of the photo. It's off balanced, and it's cut off of the chair and glass thingy on the right which leave the left side feel really empty. When I look at the photo it drawn me to the left because it's brighter than the right. Right side is underexposed and make the left side overexposed for the photo. I think most people on here would say they dont' know the subject or purpose of thing photo beside trying to make the first black and white photo. Just my 2 cent.
I retook it, and the subject is the glass candle holders.

I do appreciate what you meant to do. And the second attempt is a clear step forward. But when you go all "simplistic" and "geometric", you must go ALL THE WAY. You can't have backgrounds show kitchen furniture or doorways. Aaaand there is faaar too much empty foreground.

Maybe try to get a photo of your subject ONLY? Without any chairs? How about testing a black background? Keep trying, playing, having fun with the camera, and sharpen your eyes for your own work, so you learn to see what is good and what needs to be worked on. Read a lot on photography (here, in books, etc), on images in general, and you'll get a feeling for it.
Well i appreciate your job but still there is a long way to go.As it is a black and white photo but the touch of contrast is very less.So keep up.
Try it from directly above. Just watch your shadow. If you had some plexi-glass,you could shoot it from below. Another set up would be one in front of the other.

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