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Jan 24, 2006
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I found this bird sitting in the garden of my neighbour eating some other bird...
Hope it's ok to post them here...(because of the blood..)

I didn't get closer to it so that's all I got...

When I tried to approach, it flew up to a tree...

any comments are welcome :D

btw; if you know what bird this is feel free to tell me!




at least it looks like it had good me it looks like a male Harrier, but your in Luxemburg so can't be positive on that. nice series though

from my point of view the exposure in the first two is really bad and in the other two the main objet is right in the middle. try to get closer or use a zoom lens... bye.
Thank you for your comments!


As I said, these are my very first bird pictures. I tried to get as close as I could. The last pictures were actually the first, taken out of a window on the first floor with a 100-300mm lens. The tree pictures were taken after I scared it while I tried to get closer to it in the garden. It flew into a tree in quite a distance so thats all I could get.
If you have any suggestions about what exposure one should best use for these kind of shots I would love to hear them!:D
To my mind, also your "second" photos (here shown before the ones you took first, and out of the window from above) are well enough exposed for the circumstance, what with the sky forming the background... the feather patterns still come out, which - should exposure have been ALL off - could also have become all black, so you'd only have got the silhouette of the bird. In so far, these are quite good ... look at my humble attempts to photograph birds and you will see that unless you have had the chance to a) give bird photography A LOT OF time and (personal) focus and b) invest in some really good equipment (lens-wise), our photos will always stay amateurlike. Since that is what we are! Amateurs with a passion for photography.

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