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Feb 17, 2012
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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I am shortly buying my first dSLR, but I can't choose between the Nikon D90 and the Nikon D5100. I will do video abit. Also is the Cannon EOS 550D better than both of these cameras? Please answer ASAPTheo
How much is video important to you?

I don't think the Nikon D90 autofocuses during video and it only goes to 720P? (I just can't remember. It's been so long since I looked at that camera.)

I've got the Nikon D5100 and am ecstatic with the pictures that I get out of it. But I don't do video. I've had the camera for 5 months?, which replaced my Nikon D70s and I use it along side my old Pentax K100d. Within that 5 months I've fired the shutter about 8,000 times but only taken 2 video clips. And once it was because I accidentally pressed the record button while experimenting with live view. <grin> Yeah. I don't do video, or windows for that matter. But that one time I used it, I think it did do autofocus during video and goes to 1080P.

The Canon EOS 550D I've read that it has autofocus disabled by default, Digital Photography Review mentioned this in their review.

And Digital Photography Review mentions that the Nikon you can't change aperture while shooting video. Instead you either have to stop or take a picture for it to change? Not sure what to think of this because I don't do video so I've got no opinion on if this is really that much of a down side.

Just some limited tidbits on things I've read.

But my curiousity has been peaking on this dSLR Video thing and I'm going to try out my buddies new Canon 7D today when I go to his house and try out the bells and whistles on his camera.
You should really compare the D5100 with the 600D. Many people do, and you can find many videos on YouTube comparing them. I think DigitalRev did a funny video comparing them (y)! If you care more about video, then get the 550D or the 600D (which I bought mainly for video, but love the photos). If you care more about photos, then get the D5100. In my signature is my Flickr page which has pictures only from my 600D in case you're wondering what the image quality is like.

Hope this helps a little!

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