CMOS Sensor, large focal, High ISO, low price... can we find the pearl?


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Feb 18, 2012
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Hello everybody!

First of all, thanks to everybody who will read me. I am a beginner in the photography world, and also quite excited! I want to buy my first camera, but I need help to choose the best that would fit me perfectly. It would be so great if I get some of your advice!

Basically, I am a student, so I cannot afford a super expensive camera. Maybe 100-130$ is what I can put on the table. I travel a lot, and I see a lot of beautiful scenery that I would like to take into picture, with a easily transportable camera... so I might need a compact.

The thing is, there is a lake near my house. Beautiful during day, amazing at night, with the light of the city reflecting upon it surface. If my camera can take a great and wide picture of this scenery at day and night, then I ask for nothing more. In general, I love night, and cities at night. Find it beautiful.

My first research make me think like this: I should go for a CMOS senso. Better for low light. If I can get a focal lenght at 24mm, it will be great for landscape. High ISO to take picture during night. And as a bonus, a manual mode so I can play with all the function and learn about camera. Bonus n°2: I wish that camera is able to also take quick picture for casual use. So Fast shutter speed is a bonus as well.

Well, the thing is I have hard time finding this dream camera, so I really need your recommendations guys... :) Thank you so much.
I don't know how prices compare to where you live but for that budget you might want to try for a pre-loved dslr in good condition, making sure it can shoot in the RAW format. In saying that though the compacts have come a long way also. But ultimately its up to you, however I think if you like photography and want to learn more about it, you should go for the dslr. ;)
For $100, even a used DSLR is a stretch. Maybe you should save up a little more.

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