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Sep 15, 2010
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I'm still rather new to photography, but these are some of my favorites that I've taken lately. Any comments are welcome!





Thanks for lookin :sillysmi:
Really nice! There's something funky about the composition in #4, I think the white napkin or whatever is positioned strangely, but the landscapes are nice.

#3 suffers from "I'm sliding off the Earth sideways" syndrome. A quick leveling of the horizon would make this much nicer. Also I think a little bit of a crop of the sky would draw your eye to the beautiful reflection of the sunset in the water.

Keep shooting!
Hey there and welcome to TPF! Photography is a great release for me as I'm sure it is for you.

Here are some of my insights (and thanks for numbering the photos):

#1 Way too your WB

#2 Really like this one...I like that dreamy, foggy look

#3 Nice colors but the focus is to too shallow meaning the horizon is OOF (Out of Focus), try a smaller aperture such as F16 or smaller

# 4 Would be better if the subject wasn't so centered but then again this actually looks good centered, maybe its the tilt that "throws" me off
What time of day was #1 taken?? I love it. Railroad tracks are a favorite of mine:)
Really liked 1 and 2. #1 is very blue but I like it. #2 is very beautiful
Usually I dislike all bnw photos posted here, simply because people don't understand what bnw photograhpy is all about, and it doesnt work when you take a pic of a garden full of flowers and you make it black and white.

I must say though, Bus_Rider hit the spot dead on with his bnw version. It looks better than the colored one. Probably the first good black and white photo I've seen here in a while.
Agreed with the bus rider got it right. Remember, a camera can also be turned horizontal. Those trees and landscape off of the tracks distracts my eyes from looking down the middle.

I like the idea and quality of 4 but like everyone else said, the tilt is distracting.

Keep up the good work!
What time of day was #1 taken??

I took that photo right at dusk on my nightly walk, I also enjoy traintracks so I decided to venture down them for a nice stroll.

That black and white version looks really good!

I have absolutly no editing softwear of any sort so that's why the WB is out on #1, or any other imperfections for that matter! I was promised a copy of CS3 from a friend but that was 6 months ago when I first got into photography... I've since given up on him.

Thanks alot for the advice and nice comments guys, really means alot to me ;)
That black and white version looks really good!

Thank you. But remember... It is your photo... I just showed you a different view of it...

I have absolutly no editing softwear of any sort

The Gimp is free (thats the editing software I used...) You can download it from and try it out. If you like it, you can use it FREE. :)

There is a pretty steep learning curve to it... But no more than Photoshop...
Thanks for that Homer!.. I mean BuS RiDeR, I'll look into that right now. Seems like a nice way to spend my Saturday night, other than sitting on forums ofcourse :)

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