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First few photos with my new camera

nice! was that with the 18-55II lens?
You have quite a lot of money to burn, eh?
An iPod touch? lol

You got the closeup thing down. Let's see some more.
Lol, the Touch was a chistmas present from my mum. I bought the PS3 myself. (I used to have a well paid job)

@Mav - Yes.
nice quality camera i like it... nice ps3 i have one too (are you having any problems with yours because im having graphics problems)
So far the only problems i've had is it crashes occasionally, what do you mean by graphics problems?
People are still buying the PS3??? Xbox live 360 is sick! With games like Halo3 and COD4...why need anything else?
Ture, the Xbox 360 is a great machine..... for about six months :lol:
Been using my 360 for a lot longer than 6 months.. ;) Plus not only can it function as a game console, but I also have it connected to my media center PC (Vista) and watch recorded shows and all that jazz.

Oh, and, nice pics.. :)
I feel these pictures lack a meaning or feeling to them. And could have been cropped better. The second photo I think is blury and a very small spot that is focused. But other than that keep taking pictures you'll figure it out!
I take pictures for fun mostly, I didn't know there had to be a meaning to my photos

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