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Jul 13, 2010
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Hey, my dad wants me to come with him to his company's boat trip, and be the photographer... I agreed!
Now I'm nervous! There are 70 people on the boat. I have to get the event and take a group picture. That's a lot of people looking at me! (I'm super nervous in front of people.)

So it's not really professional, he said otherwise they would just have someone with a point-and-shoot do it. But I'm still worried I won't take good enough pictures. :(

It's also during the day, so lighting won't be too hard to take care of... Still...
I feel nervous. I'm glad my camera has image stabilization!
Any suggestions/encouragement?
if its on a deck boat, just be carefull for harsh light in faces from the sun, if you have speedlight bring if for fill flash, and you would be good.

have fun shooting! lets say they cant be worse than pointnshoot pictures!
Who cares? YOU'RE ON A BOAT.

And even though you didn't mention it, I'd prepare for Autotune usage.
Well, look at this way, its your dad so at least you know him there. I promise you once you're there, it'll be totally different. As a new photographer I know what you mean. Even on a model shoot I'll get nervous of "what am I going to shoot??" Usually after first 5 mins things bocome easier for you. As long as you're people person, you'll do fine. You'll find what to shoot as you see w/ your eyes. Don't get too nervous.
D: what is autotune usage???

Yeah, the fact that it's better than a point-and-shoot is good.
And what if I *do* get too nervous? I can't really control it. :p

It's not a deck boat, it's a two storey yacht thingy I presume.
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youtube is banned where i live.... i cant see it. :(

All the comedy that you are missing out on!
Actually, it wasn't a jab at her at all. It was used MOSTLY to show her what auto tune is, and to show her the proper etiquette for being on a boat.

You really are incredibly dumb aren't you, Katy Perry 007?
You go girl!!!
The more you know before you get there the less worries you will have. Ask yourself what exactly you are worried about and then get those answers......=)
Do your best! Do not let the event overwhelm you before it actually happens...your nervous anticipation will probably be far worse than the actual event. Just do what you do!

Here's a bit of info about the video, which is somewhat funny, I thought. I saw it on SNL, and it was pretty vulgar, so it had bleeps. It's better on-line, un-censored. I'm on a Boat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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