First impressions of the Canon 1D Mark IV

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by inTempus, Jan 16, 2010.

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    This week I was able to take my new Canon 1D Mark IV to California with me (work related) and get some pics. I took the morning off work today and headed to Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach to take some pics before hoping on my flight home.

    Here are a few observations about the new body.

    - I used auto-ISO exclusively today. I've never used auto-ISO before with my other Canon bodies as it's been too unpredictable. I found absolutely no issues with the camera using this feature. I'm growing to trust it, but I need to shoot in a few more situations that are a little more demanding before I give it the nod. But so far, so good.

    - The metering appears to be no different than my old 1D3. I found that the results I get with the Mark IV are exactly what I would expect to get with the Mark III. This is a good thing as I completely trusted my 1D3 and knew its weaknesses and strengths. All cameras have them. The fact they're the same is comforting as it's one less thing I have to learn.

    - The RAW files it produces are simply stunning. The tones feel very similar to the 1D3 but the details are slightly better. As you zoom in on your shots the retained details are absolutely amazing. I'm very happy with the IQ of the new body.

    - The AF system is looking very good. I tracked some flying birds and running kids and it never skipped a beat. It locks focus and stays locked. No hunting around at all. Even in low light, it really does a great job. I would say in low light it is noticeably better than my 1D3. I screwed with it for hours in my hotel room at night and was impressed with how quickly it locked focus.

    - I've found no need for micro-adjustment. All of my lenses are razor sharp that I've used so far. That being by two primary lenses, the 24-70 and 70-200 f/2.8 IS. Here's a pic from today taken with the 70-200:


    - The new AF controls are going to take some getting used to. There are more options on how to configure the AF points and system. I like the new options, but I need to play with them some more to maximize their usefulness. I'm totally enjoying the new features.

    - The LCD tops that of even the 5D2 in terms of color, sharpness and viewing angle. It's probably the most beautiful LCD I've ever seen.

    For me, so far, it's been a worth while upgrade. I don't know that I would say everyone with a 1D3 should upgrade to this body if you're a hobbyist like me. The differences are mostly subtle (with the exception of the high ISO capabilities) and might not be worth the expense to everyone.

    I'll share more later.

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    Coming from the Nikon dSLR realm, it's hard to imagine not having reliable auto ISO, though sometimes it's better to just set it yourself. I can't imagine being handed a camera like yours, or say a Nikon D3, and having to figure out all the various settings I just had set to auto or didn't have a choice about on my D40 and D80 to pull off a decent shot. Kinda makes me wonder about all the people who must think you just pick up the camera and hit the shutter button (without picking the right lens, composing, choosing settings etc.)...:lol:

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