First macro shot of a flower CC

If you can't see it, it's because flickr is down currently.
Thank you, that focus is very difficult to nail with my 35mm lens on a 36mm tube!
Good for a first attempt. It seems a bit underexposed to me, I'd like it to be a bit brighter.
Underexposed and I'm thinking the crop is too tight.
You stole my flower!
I would have liked to see the whole flower and have the edges not cut off, but still good work!
Typically, you'd want to either show the WHOLE flower, or crop in MUCH tighter. The way yours is cropped leads one to think that you just accidentally cut some of the petals out of the frame. If you're not going to get the whole flower in the frame, then sell out to that...Lightspeed's cropped flower works so well because:
1) he cropped it WAY in, so it's clear the whole flower wasn't supposed to be in the frame,
2) the ant becomes the subject of the photo and the flower is almost secondary, and
3) He is LightSpeed. :lol:

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