First moon attempts

Shane D

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Nov 24, 2007
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Victoria, BC, Canada
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So last night I got back from a Surfrider Foundation Fundraiser and was happy to see the sky had cleared up around 2AM. I ran into the house and hopped onto the computer because I've been interested in trying to capture a nice moon shot but didn't know the settings that I'd require. I'm pretty new to photography in using the manual settings and last night really helped me understand the relationship of aperature, iso and shutter speed. So here's my attempt. One thing that I haven't encountered until now with my new sigma lens is when I went out to a full 300 mm the moon although massive in my viewfinder would not focus so I had to limit my zoom and then crop it after. Is that typical?
manual focus next time. It'll work.'s pretty nice. I would have underexposed a bit more....but it's great that you captured the full moon.

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