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Sep 9, 2010
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I just got a Sigma 50mm macro and I need some C&C :)

Not sure why in the first picture part of the upper leaf is in focus... This one was handheld and the second was with a tripod. I realize they aren't the most exciting subject as they are weeds that were growing in my backyard lol





Thanks :)
The first one is almost unidentifiable and perhaps a touch underexposed. It doesn't work for me. The second is more interesting because I know what I'm looking at. However, the depth of field is still too narrow. I would like to see some detail inside the flower. You were shooting at f/6.7... try again from the same distance at f/16 and see what difference it makes. If it's windy at all, you'll probably need to increase your ISO or support the flowers somehow to keep them from moving.
Great, thank you I'll give it a whirl :)
i dig them both.. theres something to be said about abstract / artistic shots like this.. yes they might be slightly confusing to the eye.. but thats almost the point.. there is a market for this photography as well.. hotel rooms.. resturants.. doctors offices etc etc.. keep at it and start posting these on a stock photo site .. you might be impressed with the results you get!

with that said.. i would apply a bit of saturation the overall image in post.. make the colors pop as much as possible.. unless your shooting for a muted tone.. which i dont belive you are if your taking pictures of bright purple flowers.. i would bump the saturation up to show off the purple more..

keep at it and post more when you can =)
Thanks a lot for all your feedback :) I'll keep practicing!
practice makes perfect.
your framing is good. i like how you positioned the flowers.
i think i would like the second more if the pistil of the flower on the right were cropped out.
i think i would like the second more if the pistil of the flower on the right were cropped out.

You're right, it does... I got an 8x10 printed of it and I had to crop it out :)

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