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Apr 2, 2009
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Vancouver, BC
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Hey guys, here's my first photo post here.
I took this image a month or so ago. I'm working on finishing up some rolls so hopefully I'll have something newer to post soon.

I like it, in part because it's a bit unusual.
Wow! Pretty dang good for a first post!
Way better then my first photo post. :er:

My favorite part is the green on the leaves and how the light shine through that. Quick question how long have you been shooting before you started here at TP?. Overall a really nice shot, you mention roll was this a film shot.
Very interesting capture.

Can I guess that they are stadium type lights behind the trees in the mist? Square crop makes me want to assume MF film? I'd like to see more.

Thanks everyone!

Tux- I've been shooting since around the summer of '04 and have slowly become more and more obsessed with this hobby. I'm a member on a few other photo forums, but I like to try to get critiques from different crowds. It helps keep me on my feet. :)

Marc- The lights are spotlights from a building that is in the background. It's quite an unusual building, apparently the architect designed it so it's shaped like a cello when viewed from above. I guess it makes sense since its the performing arts center on campus.
This is indeed 6x6 film. It was shot with my Bronica SQ-A setup on expired Agfa 160 XPS.

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