First photo posting.. C&C please..


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Feb 16, 2009
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I'm nervous about sharing these, but want C&C so please tell me what you think..






I like 1 and 2 best, i think 1 could have been improved by placing the cake on a pice of coloured tissue rather than the plate as the blue seems a bit not quite right in that shot. 2 is pretty sharp but maybe a little overexposed
If you want some good C&C, try and keep your postings to 1-3 pictures max. The more you have, the less people tend to give C&C

I like #1. Altough I find there is too much out of focus and what is in focus is too far to the side. A little less on top of the child to cut some dead space out would help. Great picture though

#2 is really sweet looking and nice use of vignetting. The eyes are clear and sharp, which is key in doing pictures like this, nice job! If you have photoshop, I’d clean up under her nose ;)

#3 looks a bit snapshotty to me. Nothing really interesting going on. The kid is cute, but that’s about it. The bottom left corner is a bit dark too
I like! Really nice. #1 and #2 are my favorite. Not a pro by any means but my opinion is that the shading around the photos does look good but I don't think it works for all of them... like the last one. But nice overall
If you want some good C&C, try and keep your postings to 1-3 pictures max. The more you have, the less people tend to give C&C

That is a silly rule that maintains simply because people keep repeating it over and over again. Just comment on the ones that jump the most out at you - a C&C post isn't "all or nothing" in regards to the criticism.

With that said, numbers 2 and 5 are aces. Although in number five, I think the red may have spilled over into the young lady's face.
i think #1 is a great shot for the reasons already listed.

#4 has great colors, but you name in the bottom right blends in too much. maybe lighten your watermark up a bit for that photo

#6 has great DOF, but the thing in the top left is a little distracting....

they're all good photos though
#4 is awesome. I like the composure and I can almost hear him thinking, haha.
2nd one is cute. Don't care for the border treatment.
I like #1, good depth of field
I prefer nr 4 . It's artistic, in a way that it makes you wonder what the man is doing there. Photos like this make the observer create his/her own imaginary world, and that's a good quality if you ask me :sexywink:
Nice job...

Interesting composition and treatments..

I like #2 the best... :wink:
the hat in 5 looks like a sun in the sky to em i like it

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