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Jan 22, 2012
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Marin county
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Sorry I couldn't help myself and edited my title after 100 plus views and no comment.. Lol

So this is my first attempt at posting a photo and please CC it as well.. I am new to photography , I bought a Nikon D7000 and now have two lenses tamron 17-50 and a Nikon 70-200 VR I.. This is a picture I took of an egret down by the canal near my house.. I did a bit of PP in Lr and Photoshop but I'm kinda just blundering around at this point trying to learn.. Egret cropped 1.jpg by snoggin, on Flickr
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How do you include exif data?Manual. Iso 100. 200mm, f/7.1. 1/200 sec
I guess for me, it doesn't really emote. The exposure looks reasonable though. :)
Nice snapshot of a Great Egret. If it was mine, I probably would have cropped a bit more off the bottom, but that is just me. I am curious about the colour of the water - it is brown, or is that a simply a reflection? My 0.02¢ FWIW.


Nice shots of a pair of Black-backed Stilts, not sure what the little one is in the front as I can't see enough of it to make any kind of proper ID. These are probably a mated pair - male in front and female in the back (one with the brown back). It is a bit unfortunate that there is one in the front as it sort of detracts from the overall image of the two Stilts. Technically, the image is fairly sharp, relatively uncluttered, except for the "grasses" in the foreground, the only thing missing is a catchlight in the eyes of the birds, but it shows them foraging for their food and that's okay.

Not sure from what you said if you are going to become a bird photographer, or at least have that as one of your interests, but as someone who has "chased" birds all over North America over the years, I think you have a reasonably good start here.


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I think the brown water is an effect of my editing. I edited these in Lightroom. Most of my shots so far come out a bit overexposed so ironed them down a bunch. I was pretty far away and these are heavily cropped and I couldn't change my angle or approach much. First day with the new lens. I did some architectural shots today that I'll work inane post tomorrow. Thanks for the comments and the education in bird nomenclature
How do you include exif data?
Choose a different host web site for your photos.

Flickr keeps the EXIF data at Flickr so they can get extra mouse clicks if anyone wants to see it. I consider Flickr to be one of, if not the most unscrupulous photo hosting sites on the Internet.

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