First pics with 40D...CC? Thanks


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Feb 8, 2009
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These are just using the 28-135. Going to buy better lenses when I get home from work travel. Sorry for the small ones, didn't know what size to save them as in Photobucket so I did some of both. No editing on any of these pics.



This dove was manual focus

I guess I should have mentioned that. Just looking for some feedback, even if it is horrible. Thanks.
sometimes it takes time to get feedback.. these are typical quality of "first pics" threads, which means you probably wont get a whole lot of feedback, other than people saying "keep at it"

the first 2 are far to small to give any CC for.. but they look pretty blah.. the background ruins them for me.

#3 is just to busy for me, all the foreground stuff is distracting, and the dove is so small.. should have zoomed right in on him.

#4 is very shadowy.. fill flash could have helped it big time
Now for the necessary keep at it. I second all the aforementioned comments except for #2. I would like to see the bigger size to give a review.
#1 and #2 might be a little more interesting if you shot them from a different perspective. Maybe from a lower angle so you're looking straight across or even up at the subject? Shots can often look a lot more interesting if the subject isn't dead center, too. Google search "rule of thirds" and read up on composition.

Edit: Samanax beat me to it. Shucks.
After posting the pics then reading some other posts, I kinda figured the centering/composition comments were coming, but that's what I need to hear. I'm really enjoying the SLR, in about two years, I might actually figure out how it works!! Thanks for all of the feedback!!

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