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Very nice image. Perhaps a bit underexposed but I like it!
Is the blue from the camera temperature or the birds plumage ?
Welcome to the forums. Really nice 1st picture. You picked a colorful bird that adds just the right amount of color to the basically two tone scene. Well done and well composed. Not sure if it's under exposed or not, as my laptop isnt' calibrated. If it's close, I always assume it's me, not the photographer.
Thanks, guys! I personally think that the exposure looks good, but my eyes seem to prefer images on the darker side. The bird was shot handheld in heavy shade about an hour before sunset and I was trying to keep my shutter speed as fast as possible, but the histogram looked pretty good. I honestly can't remember whether or not there was any hints of blue on the bird so it could very well be from the color temperature when I added vibrance to the RAW file. Blue is my favorite color and I tend to keep the white balance on the cooler side for all my images, so it may be safe to say that is what it is from. Thanks for pointing it out because I didn't notice it until I read that post.

Thanks again!

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