First post (post-intro) - A few pics, feel free to C&C


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Feb 17, 2012
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Fort St. John, British Columbia
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I'm hoping one day I'll look back and have a whole lot more skill at my own 'C&C' (or maybe I'll just lol at them if/when I get better at this)

I was in San Carlos, Mexico, a few weeks back. #1 ocean view in the world, according to National Geographic. I figured that was all the excuse I needed to spend some $$$ and ressurect my old hobby from when I lived in Japan - photography. I retired my old Elan 7 years ago, and after much shopping selected the 60D.

Most of these are taken with the kit 18-135, but some also utilised my old Sigma 70-300 F4-5.6

Hope you like,







I think this one could use just a little crop off the top. I have Elements 10 on order - after a little lurking here I assume Lightroom would be better? Not ready to spend the big bucks on CS5 yet....

Kinda wish I had focused on the first glass icicle, then recomposed...

Not bad? Used macro on my old Sigma...

And, because I could use pointers on my animal photography (which will be a lot of what I do here at home):



Too many pics to critique, but your first three have a tilted horizon...I would like them much better if the horizon was straight...
The tilt and blur of the waves on the first one makes me feel like I'm sliding into the horizon on the right hand side
I think the colors in your photos are very beautiful & the horizons are a very easy fix, I just started using lightroom and I love it, I've always used photoshop but then someone suggested that and... it's great!

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