First prints from my first reel. Please C/C!


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Feb 3, 2012
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Baltimore, MD
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Hey guys,

Here are a few scans from my first developed reel. I printed these today and I'd love to get some serious feedback. I'm currently enrolled in an intro-level class at my college, but my professor has been less than helpful in providing us with a strong technical foundation. RoT, DoF, etc. have only been mentioned in passing, so everything I've learned has been on my own from books, connections, and this first roll of film.

*Note that the scanner killed some of the contrast and shadow details...


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They're nice. They're technically pretty good, but the subject matter is "meh". What were you hoping to achieve with these pictures?
On my monitor they are very contrasty, What grade paper , what developer, etx. would be helpful.
ALso, you might want to post these in the film section .
Awesome--you shot and developed your own film!!! Enjoy that sense of pride and's a great feeling! Keep working at it, and you'll get even better as time goes on.
They were our first class assignment. We were supposed to take pictures of different subjects under different lighting conditions, capture shadow detail, etc.
I guess the 'meh' in them translates from me trying to fulfill the assignment requirements w/ good technique rather than letting loose and having fun.
Well, FWIW, I think you've succeeded in mostly fulfilling the assignment. If you're really talking about different lighting conditions, what we've got here are three outdoor shots, so you've got different variations of sunlight, but that's about it. If it was me, I would try to use your creative eye more. It's film, so you can't just delete the subpar shots (which I think is actually a huge advantage in learning to see creatively), so push yourself to not just fulfill the assignment but to create a composition. If that makes any sense.
Hey dude! I didn't know you posted these here! Glad to see you did.

You already know my thoughts on them. Have you taken any more since that last roll? Can't wait to see what you bring to the table next dude!

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