First Senior Portrait Session! C&C Welcome! :)


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Jun 11, 2011
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Well, This is my first Senior shoot and these are some of the B&W photos that I took during this shoot. I do have some color ones that I shot, but that is for a different part of the forum. Any help, C&C would be very much welcome!! Thanks!!

The viewer's eye is automatically drawn to the brightest area (and/or most contrast) the sweater is stealing attention away from the face. I wish that her skin tones (face) were a bit brighter. It's hard, I know, because the white sweater is already so bright. Maybe you could tweak your B&W conversion process to help brighten the face. Then maybe a bit of careful dodging & burning to find a better balance between the sweater and face.

Also, you should avoid having your subject's (especially women) hands posed so that the back is toward the camera (as in pictures 1 &2). If you can, it's best to have them show the camera the thin side of the hand.

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