First senior session! C&C/Advice please!


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Dec 27, 2008
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Hey everyone! I did this shoot back in May, but I'm just now posting it. This senior was a "friend" of mine (i.e, used me for the senior pictures--didn't think he had to pay at all.. no longer friends.) I worked with a huge deadline with this kid, because graduation was within 2 weeks of this shoot and the pictures required major skin retouching. Here's a before/after... Let me know what you think! (They're not the exact same picture, but gives you an idea of what I was working with as far as retouching goes..)




It looks like a whole different photo was used for the second one. The hair and facial expression are slightly different. The skin in number two looks completely artificial and unnatural.

You should give Portraiture by Imagenomic a try. I threw it at this and it cleaned it up real nice without making it look unnatural.

Here's a link:
I dont like the PP at all to be honest with you.

I'd have to agree with the above comments, the skin has become very two dimensional and plastic looking and the colour has been saturated too much. There are packages available for this type of work, as already mentioned, I personally use Portrait Professional when I want something fast. The single most important point is to ensure the result is realistic and looks like the model, unfortunately this isn't the case in the first attempt.

I would recommend another shoot however, time permitting, his hair is gone a bit astray in this photo and the lighting on his face is a little bland.

Hope this helps,

Eh, no offense, but unless you agreed he would pay you and set a certain amount before the shoot, no need to get mad at him because he didn't pay you. Secondly, these aren't the type of photos you throw money at because you like them so much. I hate the post processing and think you went wayy too Lindsay lohan on it, orange and fake.
thats some wild hair right there!
post processing is WAY over done. And you could have at least showed us the same picture before and after ;)

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