First shot im somewhat pleased with. please C&C!


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Sep 21, 2010
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im just starting photography with my new camera

How do you feel about the blue? Was that intentional?

it wasnt intentional. i think it looks kinda nice, but now that you mention it.

all my photos taken that day had a slight blue tinge, cuz it was really cloudy. my friend said something about white balance? but he didnt go further into the subject
i have do disagree.. i don't like the blue, it looks like the white balance is way off. i've gotten these effects from using a vari ND filter and not doing white balance right before the shot.. looks like the same errors i get. were you using a vari ND filter? if so i've figured out how to fix the problems. i'll post the solution if that was what caused it

Mike Leggero

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