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Jul 11, 2008
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Philadelphia, PA
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Just got a camera after not having done anything in about four or five years (don't ask). I've always had a thing for street photography, so please, critique away. Anything to help me improve is appreciated. All shots were on a D90 with a 35mm/f1.8 lens. Thanks in advance!


Caught You Lookin'


I Believe You Have An Admirer, Sir


One Can Dream...

all by crashcart on Flickr
These are pretty good, especially for being new at it.
(The titles are a little too cutesie for my taste; I'd rather let the photos speak for themselves.)

The post-processing is where there is a problem, these look crunchy sharp (not a compliment).
Somewhere in the processing and conversion there is a problem.
Perhaps if you post a link to the original, we could work that out.

All in all, absolutely terrific start - and I am a cranky misanthrope who loves street photography.
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Great eye. Agree on the processing.
I was using diffuse glow and cranking up the graininess, but I guess I went too far with it. I'm positive that's what the issue is. I'll keep in mind to hold back on it. Thanks for the feedback!

e: unsharp mask, not diffuse glow.
Much much better.
There are two problems that the processing hid.
There is a strange featureless patch on the side of the subject's head
The bright pants and arm of the person behind are really distracting; I would fix those in the original before conversion.

Other than that, this entire things works very well for me.
That 3rd shot is really something! Love its spontaneous energy.
Good shooting! Yeah, backing off on the USM really did improve the look of #3.

I got a kick out of the, "strange featureless patch on the side of the subject's head" ...'s called receding hairline...women can suffer from that too.
Bing bing. Hellooooo! Been there, been the guy with the stroller.

Processing discussed and aside, I am really impressed with the story that you have in each of the photos. So much of the street photography I have seen is just a quick snap of an interesting person (or just a person). But each of these I can read a whole dialogue into. I like the interaction between multiple people rather than just a focus on a single person.

Very nice.

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