First Snow Fall In Lower Michigan

Brian L

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Nov 4, 2007
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Hi all, Here is a not so great pic in the morning of the snow fall. I am located in Brighton Mi, and we got some snow tonight. Up north about 30 miles from Brighton Mi they are to get 2" to 4" of snow. I guess winter is truly here. Hope everyone enjoys. I know its not the greatest quailty but it was just a quick auto shot mode of the camera to share with everyone.

Shacky shacky... click one in daylight and post or use tripod... it must come very good then :)
I second the suggestion of a tripod; it's amazing how it comes in handy! You've got some difficult lighting in this photo, with the intensity of the street light contrasting with the darkness of the left-hand side.. probably not the best lighting conditions for photography.

We had our first snowfall here yesterday as well... is it spring yet?
Very good. Thanks for the input and will get some better winter pics for ya. I agree really need to shoot during the day as my camera is not the best for night shots. Will post some more soon. Thanks for the comments.

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