~ WARM WEATHER HONKERS ~ ( Warning graphic images )


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Nov 1, 2018
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New England
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Aye Mates,

I hunted Honkers with three gunning partners this morning and it was exceptionally warm given it being November 9th. Our season just reopened this past Saturday after the split and there were good numbers of birds on the move but we certainly were not where they wanted to be this morning. The optimism we all shared while setting decoys faded shortly after legal shooting hours as flight after flight dumped into a farm about a half mile west of our location. Our group is a highly experienced one with good callers (two professional waterfowl biologists) , but it seemed the birds wanted to be feeding on grass this morning rather than on the corn lot that they had quickly picked to be the X just a few days ago. We did pass on a few opportunities early on thinking the birds might finish the decoys but the birds really just wanted to be elsewhere this morn.

We did manage to take four birds when all was said and done, but those birds did not come easily given the pull that a massive congregation of noisy birds were making within earshot of our location. Tough competing with the real thing, all making lots of noise while feeding on grass.

~ Underworked Retrievers ~ Gun dogs TRAD, MAC, and SHOOTER are seen from left to right along with two of my three gunning partners, John and Greg. The dogs were certainly underworked this morning as we were only able to drop four birds on the deck for them to retrieve. The accepted breed standard colors for the Labrador Retriever of black, yellow, and chocolate were all represented during this morning's hunt. Each dog took great joy in their bird contact(s) and surely would have loved many more.

~ Poetry In Motion ~ My gun dog retriever HRCH UH TTF CRAIGHORN KIFFIN TRAD MH, call name TRAD, is seen returning to me in fine style with a nice Honker carried proudly and proficiently. TRAD truly loves hunting for geese.

~ The Dream Team ~ TRAD and SHR LAKE CHAFFEE'S AUTUMN LEGACY O' TRAD FINIAN MAC SH, call name MAC are seen with the four birds we took during this hunt. MAC was sired by TRAD and the love they both share for hunting geese is clearly a genetic trait intrinsic to their DNA. Within an hour of our having ended today's hunt, the mercury had risen to 73 degrees F, that being rather atypical of the conditions we most often encounter while hunting Honkers here in a New England November.

~ The End Of The Road ~ Three of the four birds taken during our hunt today are seen draped upon my tailgate and each will be divided amongst the gunners to be made into one of their favorite dishes.

A humbling hunt experienced today, yet regardless of our less than filled daily bag limits we were all most fortunate to watch the numerous geese overhead, to share a few laughs together in the blind, and to watch our retrievers revel in the opportunity to make retrieves on Canada geese. All said, a grand day had.

Mike ☘️

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